Mainstay are a Commercial and Asset Management group, made up of experienced individuals, we understand what it takes to get the most from your assets.  

Our role is to provide the best solutions, whether you’re in it for the long-haul or seeking an exit strategy.  

Whether you’re a developer, investor or landlord, worry-free asset performance and return on investment remain your constant objectives. We have all the in-house asset management skills and strategic property management thinking you need – and all under one roof. 

We understand the complexities of high value residential assets. Our role  is to deliver the best solutions to our clients. Whether you’re in it for the long haul or seeking an exit strategy, we’re here to help reduce risk, drive efficiency and capitalise on opportunities. 

We’re a data rich business that invests in the latest technology to make sure we deliver great service to customers, and detailed management information, insight and reporting to clients. 

Our comprehensive approach and expert advice makes sure your asset has longevity and is viable, high-performing and profitable. 

A team of Asset Managers

Our asset management team will get to know every detail of your portfolio, and will: 

  • Carry out site inspections and site audits to ensure your appointed managing agent is fulfilling your obligation to maintain your development to the highest specification and provide a safe and secure environment for customers. 
  • Identify any opportunities to increase asset value by identifying underutilised areas. This is not a desk top service, but one undertaken at a local level bespoke to each development. 
  • Work closely with your appointed managing agents to drive operational efficiencies and deliver a great experience for customers.
  • Maintain client, tenant and leaseholder satisfaction. 

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